Wednesday, 6 March 2013, 11.00 – 12.30 h

Enforcement and Access to Justice

Chair: Philippe Lortie

Dr. Matthias Heger (Germany)
Access to justice - recognition and enforcement

Cécile Corso (France)
Enforcement and access to justice in France since the application of the new legal framework

Anne Miller (USA)
Effective access to procedures & enforcement - the point of view of the United States

Connie Brunn, Mary Morrow, Diane Potts (USA)
A Decade of Progress: Best Practices in Support Recovery


Interstate Recovery of Child Support in the United States:
A Blueprint for International Change

Chair: Robert E. Keith

Prof. Robert G. Spector
Margaret Campbell Haynes
Vernon Drew

Research on International Cases

Chair: Christopher Beresford, Hannah Roots

British Columbia Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (Canada)
International child support cases: a preliminary survey of data from several jurisdictions


Child Support: How much is appropriate? Principles in Practice around the World

Chair: Dr. Thomas Meysen

Alisha Griffin (USA)
Towards a global/universal formula for child support calculation

Mark Takayesu (USA)
Setting Appropriate Orders to Increase Future Compliance and Payments

Paula Knaap (New Zealand)
A fairer system to increase compliance – child support reform in New Zealand


Diversity in a United World of Child Support: Country Reports

Chair: Sandra John

Bulgaria: Eva Kaseva
Germany: Michael Grabow
Romania: Iona Burduf
Italy: Francesco Pesce



Wednesday, 6 March 2013, 15.30 – 17.00 h

Cross-Fertilization HC 2007 – EU Regulation:
Best Practices in Implementing the Hague Convention

Chair: Prof. Paul R. Beaumont

Dr. Zdenek Kapitán (Czech Republic)

Prof. (em.) Dr. Dieter Martiny (Germany)
International jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement in cases where maintenance claims have been transferred to public institutions

Milos Hatapka (Slovakia)

Katja Lenzing (Belgium)


Hague Convention: First Steps towards Implementation Overseas

Chair: Dr. Matthias Heger

Inez Lopes Matos Carneiro de Farias (Brazil)
Maintenance Obligation in the Brazilian Law System: Preparing for the implementation of the 2007 Child Support Convention and its Protocol on the Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations

Margaret Campbell Haynes, Susan Paikin (USA)
UIFSA: The Implementing Legislation in the US for the Hague Convention


The Big Picture: Children in Focus – Poverty and Maintenance

Chair: Hannah Roots

Ann Laquer Estin (USA)
Child Support and (Global) Poverty

Hannah Roots (Canada), Mary Dahlberg (USA)
Child Support – where we came from and what the future is

Maja Groff (The Netherlands)
Global poverty and economic rights: the potential of the 2007 Hague Convention

Rachel Coomer (Namibia)
Making the difference: the rocky road to child support


Diversity in a United World of Child Support: Country Reports

Chair: Dr. Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens

Poland: Anna Juryk
Turkey: Prof. Dr. Baris Özcelik
Russia: Prof. Olga A. Khazova
Hungary: Dr. Csongor Istvan Nagy


Diversity in a United World of Child Support: Country Reports

Chair: Dr. Claudia Ramser

Kazakhstan: Milana Karayanidi
Tunisia: Nejiba Cherif
Indonesia: Dr. Ursula Lewenton
USA: Nicholas Palos, Diane Potts



Thursday, 7 March 2013, 11.00 – 12.30 h

Central Authorities: How to cooperate effectively I

Chair: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hess

Anne Miller, Eliza Lowe (USA)
Working international cases effectively with the United States now and under the new Hague Convention

Floor de Jongh Bekkali, Britt Rustad (Norway)
Child Support Procedures in Norway

Monica Sifuentes Pacheco de Medeiros (Brazil)
Direct Judicial Communications in Recovery Maintenance


Hague Protocol: Applicability and Application of Foreign Law

Chair: Prof. Andrea Bonomi

Dr. Gülüm Özcelik (Turkey)
Law Applicable to Maintenance Obligations in Turkish Private International Law
Video of the workshop

Dr. Mirela Zupan (Croatia)
Novelties of Hague Protocol on Maintenance – several selected issues
Video of the workshop

Volker Bißmaier (Germany)
Practical Problems of the 2007 Hague Protocol
Video of the workshop

Dr. Nicolas Nord (France)
The Difficulties of Applying Maintenance foreign law in France
Video of the workshop


The Transparent Maintenance Debtor? Privacy Issues and Data Protection

Chair: Christopher Beresford

Dr. Thomas Meysen (Germany)
Strict restrictions in HC 2007 and EU Regulation 4/2009: is there a way out?

David Loukedelis, QC (Canada)

International Maintenance Law: Applicability and Delimitation

Chair: Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer

Dr. Csongor Istvan Nagy (Hungary)
Love and money: problems of characterization in matrimonial property and maintenance matters

Jayne Holliday (UK)
Characterisation within Private International Law: Maintenance or Succession?

Maarja Torga (Estonia)
Characterization of spousal maintenance obligations in the context of European regulations


Country Report: African Perspective

Chair: Dr. Claudia Mayer

Namibia: Rachel Coomer
Does Namibia’s post-independence law on maintenance fulfill expectations?

Commonwealth African Countries: Dr. Richard Frimpong Oppong
: Olanike Odewale



Thursday, 7 March 2013, 15.30 – 17.00 h

Central Authorities: How to cooperate effectively II

Chair: Stefanie Spancken

Markéta Nováková (Czech Republic)
Legal aid and the role of the central authority in cross-border maintenance cases

Heinz-Josef Friehe (Germany)
Establishing an international cooperation network for matters relating to maintenance – experience report by the Federal Office of Justice as the German Central Authority

Dr. Niklaus Meier (Switzerland)
Experience of the Swiss central authority

Haldi Mäesalu (Estonia)
Experience of the Estonian central authority


EU Maintenance Regulation: The Devil’s in the Details

Chair: Prof. Dr. Dieter Martiny

Tim Amos (UK)
Catching-up with the EU Maintenance Regulation: are England et al "Little Englanders"?

Matthias Abendroth (Germany)
Choice of court in matters relating to maintenance obligations

Prof. Ilaria Viarengo (Italy)
The Enforcement of Maintenance Decisions in the EU: Requiem for the Public Policy Exception? An Italian Perspective

Dr. Katharina Hilbig-Lugani (Germany)
Aspirations and reality: The right to apply for a review under Art. 19 of the EU Maintenance Regulation


Good Practice for Caseworkers: The Rocky Pathways to the Recovery of Maintenance

Chair: Natalie Faetan

Mary Dahlberg (USA)
Questions on Processing an International Child Support Case and where to find the answers

Dr. Robert Fucik (Austria)

Gary Caswell (USA)
"Rocks in the Road"

Martina Heller (Germany)

Devone Lawrence (UK)
England & Wales Exeperience


Defining and Establishing Parentage: National Approaches and New Challenges

Chair: Prof. Frédérique Ferrand

Susan Paikin, William L. Reynolds (USA)
Defining parentage: same-sex unions, reproductive technologies, bio-identity, the law

Dr. Katarina Trimmings / Prof. Paul R. Beaumont (UK)

Prof. Dr. Marina Wellenhofer (Germany)


Successful Alternative Dispute Resolution in International Cases

Chair: Prof. Michael Hellner

Lis Ripke (Germany)

Yuki Matsuno, Shelina Neallani (Canada),
Bridging Culture and Distance through Mediation: Innovative Projects and Approaches from Canada

Dr. Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens (Germany)


Diversity in a United World of Child Support: Country Reports

Chair: Prof. Nadia de Araújo

Argentina: Nieve Rubaja
Video of the workshop

Chile: Claudia Paz Miranda Fuentes
Video of the workshop

Colombia: Mary Luz Hincapié Gomez
Video of the workshop

Cuba: Dr. Maelia E. Pérez Silveira