Web Guide

Welcome to our guide through the jungle of information on child support in the world wide web!

Perhaps you have had the same experience as we: As an expert in child support, especially in cross-border recovery, searching for information on the internet can be very time-consuming and frustrating. The foreign language, the unknown judicial and administrative structure and the lack of contact persons makes it very difficult – sometimes even impossible - to access the required information.

Without further ado, we have therefore decided to solve this problem and are proud to present our CSW Web Guide.

The CSW Web Guide is subdivided in Countries, International Organisations and a Toolbox. It collects the available information and, from an international perspective, interesting websites in terms of child support/maintenance law and organizes it by countries, states, organisations, networks and subjects.

Please note: the country sites do not represent full country profiles, they only present the information we detected – with the help of many participants of our network. Thank you very much. Any further hints and links we could add to the guide as well as suggestions, ideas or inquiries are greatly appreciated.

We hope you’ll enjoy your journey through the CSW jungle!