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International Law and International Mutual Assistance Law: General

Hague Conference on Private International Law (Conventions)

International Mutual Assistance Law (data base from German perspective, only German)

International Law and International Mutual Assistance Law: Child Support

  • 2007 Hague Child Support Convention

Legal Text

Status Table

Practical Handbook and Explanatory Report

  • 1956 New York Convention 

Legal Text (p.32)

Transmitting and Receiving Agency

Status Table

  • Hague Protocol and other Applicable Law

Hague Protocol 2007

Status Table

Explanatory Report (Hague Protocol 2007)

Domestic Law

Domestic Legislation


Case Law

Courts and Cases

Legal Literature

General Information and useful Links

Ratified and signed Hague Conventions

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Research Guide on Legal System and Research of Kazakhstan

Children’s Rights in Kazakhstan – Summary and Analysis

Guide to the Legal System and Legislation