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International Law and International Mutual Assistance Law: General

International Private Law: (bi/multinational treaties)

Hague Conference on Private International Law (Conventions)

Information in terms of International Family and Child Law

Mutual Assistance Law (only Spanish)

International Law and International Mutual Assistance Law: Child Support

  • Inter-American Convention on Support Obligations 1989

Legal Text

Central Authorities, Declarations and Ratification Status 

  • New York Convention 1956

Legal text (p.32)

Transmitting and Receiving Agency

Status Table

Domestic Law

International Private Law (only Spanish)

Family Law and Child Protection

Civil Code (only Spanish)

Civil Procedure Law (only Spanish)

Case Law

Case law of the Argentinian Supreme Court

Legal Practice American Association of Private International Law (only Spanish)

Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Legal Literature

International Regulations on Maintenance (only Spanish)

Anuario de la Asociación Argentina de Derecho Internacional (only Spanish)

General Information and useful Links

Inter-American Institute of Human Rights