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The American Network for International Legal Cooperation, (Red Iberoamericana de Cooperación Jurídica Internaciona, IberRed), is a structure formed by central authorities and contact points from the Ministries of Justice, prosecutors and prosecution, and judicial branches of the 22 countries that make up the South American Community of Nations, and by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico. It is aimed at optimizing the instruments of civil and criminal judicial assistance, and the strengthening of the ties of cooperation between those countries. Thus constitutes a fundamental step in the establishment of an Ibero-American Judicial Space, understood as a specific scenario where the activity is subject to legal cooperation, dynamic mechanisms and instruments to simplify and expedite the achievement of effective judicial protection.

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IberRed is a tool for cooperation in civil and criminal matters, provided by the legal operators of 22 Latin American countries and the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico (including Andorra, Spain and Portugal).

It benefits more than 500 million citizens offering information in international legal matters and has two official languages: Spanish and Portuguese.

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